Fulll report, results and pictures:

New spot, new kids, hello Zürich! The Volcom Wild In The Parks Switzerland took place in Zürich at the Freestyle Halle this year. The Freestyle Halle is a brand new indoor skatepark in the heart of Switzerland with an amazing setup for every level…so many possibilities and so much fun… next time you’re around the area, you should definitely visit this genius playground.

Saturday morning was a busy morning at the registration tent…thanks to Miki, Simone and Jeff for the great and well-organized signup! We didn`t expected so many young Skateboarders…the 14 and under division had the most participants (50 kids!), and all pumped to be there!

Due to the usual work with high-strung kids the contest started a bit late (…and became immediately serious), that was perfect timing for the grill to be started and deliver some food to load everyone’s battery before starting.
Soon of, the heats got started and the music volume got turned up.

The contest in 3 words: So much ENERGY, a lot of POP and such a good Level!
Check the photos and videos to feel the energy of this event…it was a blast. The judges had a tough job because there were soooo many heats and the level of the young and old skateboarders was really close together. We also had a bunch of spectators who supported the guys like rock stars…

It was another great in Switzerland and with all the kids who showed up we have the proof that skateboarding is booming in this part of Europe. We`re looking forward to next year…Big thanks to the crew of the Freestyle Halle Zürich and all the great staff we had on site.…the Judges (Thun and Züri Connection), our Speaker (the man with the beer), Jeff (the Supervisor), Miki and Simone (the Mathematicians), Andre (our Chef) and last but not least Carlos and his friendly Crew (Freestylehalle).


1. Henry Gebhard
2. Dawa Dordenkhangsar
3. Lamin Touray
4. Niko Feratovic
5. Lauro Madlener

15 -21
1. Oliver Weissmantel
2. Simon Perrottet
3. Lukas Bigün
4. Samy Nigg
5. Douglas Amacher

1. Jonathan Marty
2. Jerome Collomb
3. Will Twala
4. Luc Maurer

Cast: Volcom

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