Monster Children Issue 45 – L.A. MUSE

In issue #45 of MC, we ran a feature on some of Los Angeles best young photographers. Now, MC teamed up with FACTS and made a film to accompany it. We were gonna whip up an alternate intro for the video, but realized we couldn’t articulate it any better than Kate in her article, when she said “With it’s Venn Diagram of beauty and weirdness, Los Angeles provides an irresistible pull for photographers, and the city has been ready for its close up from the time the camera was invented. Here are three young photographers working in Los Angeles who shoot everything from LA’s gritty fashion to its glamorous streets and display both a renewed love of film and a reliance on digital.”

Enjoy L.A MUSE.

Issue 45 is on sale now:

Cast: Monster Children and FACTS

Tags: Monster Children, Silke Labson, Clara Balzary, l.a. muse, Los Angeles, Josh Zucker, Facts, Photographer, Photography, Skateboarding and skate

Category: Feature

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