Magalog Minute #7: Left Over Lunch

Here’s the 7th installment of the “Magalog Minute”…. outtakes and bone breaks from our crew of rippers during these next few months of shooting and polluting for the next Clutch Catalog….

Left Over Lunch: been testing techniques, angles and visual tools in anticipation of this big year of shooting….. lately i’ve been mostly concentrating on shooting photos and getting that stuff straight…. but have no fear, we have collected some clips from the last couple weeks to present to the masses….

Adam Emery @emerybored
Rusty Hernandez – @master_shredder666
Nick Cash – @nickzilla_1234
Danny Darkness – @dannydarknessx

Filmed and edited by the 4 wheel Backscratcher – @4wbs

Cast: 4 Wheel Backscratcher

Tags: skate, skateboarding, 4wbslife and streetskating

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